Sponge pie with backed cream in multicooker

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Sponge pie with backed cream in multicooker
  • Serves: 8 People
  • Prep Time: 15 min
  • Cooking: 60 min
  • Calories: 100
  • Difficulty: medium

You like sponge cakes, but don't want to bother with them? Then this recipe is for you: the cake is easy to prepare, without requiring any special problems. And the multicooker simplifies the process, providing pomp to cakes.



  1. Cook cakes. For making a biscuit, beat eggs with sugar. Beat until the formation of white colour. I was beating with a blender with a whisk. Of course, a mixer is faster or a combine (if there is one).
  2. Mix dry ingredients in a separate container and add to beaten eggs.
  3. Gently mix with a spatula.
  4. Prepare a multicooker: lubricate the walls with butter. At the bottom put round-shaped parchment (under your multicooker).
  5. Pour the dough and put on the mode "Baking" (50 min).
  6. At the end of time, take the cake out and cool down. It is better to prepare the cakes in advance and let it brew in the fridge the night before working with them further, as when cutting the cakes, they can crumble.
  7. Cook cream: whip cold cream until hard peaks, add powder along.
  8. Take the cake out of the fridge and cut it cakes, smearing it with impregnation (any syrup).
  9. Lubricate cakes with cream and decorate with berries.
  10. Bon appetit!

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